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12 Step Program

Holding Hands

Going from addiction to recovery


Use these 12 steps to move from addiction to recovery, whether you’re looking to quit drinking or stop taking drugs or anything else that may be impeding your ability to live your life the way you want to. Before you begin, it’s important to understand what triggers your addictive behavior and what can help you overcome it so that you can fully commit yourself to this process without fear of falling back into old habits. Overcoming addiction can be very challenging, but with a strong support system and the right tools, it can be done—and millions of people have done it before!


How we can help you on your journey

We understand that your recovery is about so much more than just finding a new hobby or learning to manage stress better. All substance abuse problems come from unresolved emotional wounds; until these emotional wounds are healed, it’s nearly impossible to successfully recover from an addiction. When God heals our hearts through His love and care, we experience true freedom—and not just from our addictions.


What are the 12 steps?

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, it can seem overwhelming. But if you follow a proven recovery program, your chances of getting better are good. Alcoholics Anonymous has developed a program that involves 12 different steps for overcoming addictions and substance abuse disorders. These 12 steps form a three-pronged approach designed to help addicts overcome their issues with alcohol and other substances. The first three steps involve admitting there’s a problem, deciding not to give in when cravings occur, and understanding why we turn to substances or addictive behaviors.


Where do I start?

Addictions can be serious problems, and overcoming them is no easy task. However, every journey starts with a single step—so it’s important to know what you’re up against. To help you get started on your path to addiction recovery, we’ve created a one-stop shop for everything related to 12 step programs.


How do I help others?

If you’re going through a period of recovery, or you know someone who is, here are some ways you can help that person get back on their feet: (1) Do your research. Understand what 12-step programs and recovery look like, and be familiar with common roadblocks to recovery. (2) Create a list of resources. Recovery is a process—what are all of your options? What happens after rehab? Be ready with resources when your loved one needs them most.

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