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Personal Validation Grounded in the Death, and Resurrection of Christ

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The value of something is predicated on the price one is willing to pay to purchase it. The extent to which God, has gone to redeem you, tells you something about your worth. In many countries, a man has to pay a dowry or bride price to the family of the woman he intends to marry. The basic idea of this practice is to recognize and value the bride he is removing from her family. The more one is willing to lay down (equal to your financial and material strength) is a measure of the value you place upon the bride you desire to marry. Knowing that Christ, the Son of God and the second person in the Holy Trinity, was born into this world, lived and died the cruelest and most torturous death to ‘buy us back,’ from the devil stranglehold speaks to the value God has placed upon you. You are valuable not only because you are created in the image of God but also because Christ suffered and died in your place.

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