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  • John Carlos

Rest Area

Have you ever traveled across the country?

It can be really fun. It can also be grueling at the same time -- especially if you are driving without sleeping overnight somewhere because you’re trying to get there as quickly as possible.

This is when rest areas can be key. A rest area is a place off to the side of a freeway/highway where people can park their cars to sleep, use the restroom, and in some cases get snacks/drinks from a machine. After having taken multiple trips from California to Kansas to visit family, I can attest to how much rest areas help with long distance road trips.

Similarly from a spiritual perspective, there will be many times where we are working through situations God has us in with a specific end goal in mind and get weary along the way. An example might be working at a certain job God has us at to learn certain skills, but you have a madman for a boss. In times like these, it would be fitting to go to our spiritual rest area which is our private time with the Lord (prayer, worship, stillness, ect). In this place we can get the rest and peace only God can give that will help us deal with situations we know we need to be at temporarily but will ultimately move on from. Let’s make the effort to this more often as we deal with arduous situations we must work though.

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