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I Want It All

Have you ever been to a buffet?


A buffet is a place where you pay a high price to have access to a wide variety of food. You’ll typically see different food types such as sushi, roast beef, fried chicken, vegetables, tri-tip, omelettes, ice cream, and so on. What makes it even better is that usually buffets are “all you can eat” which means that while a person is there they can eat as much as they want but they can’t bring any food home with them.

To take advantage of this many people have a small period of fasting before they go so they can have more room in the

ir stomach for all of the buffet’s food. Having said all this, can you imagine if a person went to a buffet and only ate one of their food dishes? That would definitely be a waste of their money since they could have just gone to a regular restaurant to get that food and spent less.

Unfortunately, many people are like this when it comes to the spiritual things we have as believers which Christ’s paid the price for. They only take advantage of salvation but leave everything else on the table. This would include benefits of provision (Philipians 4:19), healing (Isaiah 53:5), wisdom (James 1:5), and so many more.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to the things we have as Christians, I want to have the mentality that I have when I go to a buffet which is that, “I want it all.” If you’re someone who has only taken advantage of salvation but none of the other amazing benefits believer’s have then it’s never too late to make a change in your thinking and have what God intends for you to have.

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